This is my first text and topic in this blog for a special reason. I have been asked so many times where I find my motivation and what is motivation. After a while thinking about this I have written “The power source”.

From a young age, I have been someone who likes asking about everything but also trying to find an explanation for everything I love, that connection of learning and improving myself listening to different experiences and stories.

I found and I based my fundamentals on motivation in that way of observing and listening carefully to what everyone had to say.

However, that does not mean my life was easy but was easier in some ways because I have taken a lesson that my dad used to say to me: 

“Observe and learn with the bad experiences around you with other people and do not repeat them! Life is just once so do not lose your opportunities or time doing the wrong things, always make every single opportunity unique and better”!

In that time I could not understand the real meaning of this lesson but as I grew up, I got the idea.

Motivation is something that I consider to be exceptionally personal because it changes from person to person. However, the midpoint where everyone meets is where the difficulties are (my humble opinion).

People in this stage desire to take over and move on, though sometimes they do not know how to start or find force for this and that is why to find your own motivation, your own way for dealing with problems is something extremely special.

Also in that moment they realise that motivation is not the romantic and poetic thing that is told by so many people.

My experience of life was so hard and I did not want to stay in such a situation. So, I found my motivation from my negative experiences because I realised there was not the place where I wanted to be or should be.

If the problems in your life do not motivate you to be better… It might can be a yellow flag that you need to think about it.

By that time I have learned to be grateful  not only for the good moments, but every single moment, no matter what is going on parallel to my life. There, I found more reason not to stop and to keep myself on track. Such as to be grateful for the rainy days, to be grateful for food, be grateful for my clothes, be grateful for my job, be grateful for my studies and etc.

Always be grateful. When we practice gratitude every day, we will find more reasons to not give up or to complain and also reasons for being positive, which consequently attracts a good environment to you and changes the whole situation.

I have been experiencing such things every single day and from time to time, I get invited by companies or institutions to talking about motivation. 

When I talk about motivation, I remember clearly when I was small I was always trying to find a reason or someone else to be inspired by and feel motivated. However, I have realised the best person I could feel inspired by was myself and my advice for everyone is the same.

Look at you and find your own reasons, I am absolutely sure you have plenty of them.

Also ask yourself 5 questions that changed my point of view about life:

  • What do I love about my life?
  • When am I the happiest version of me?
  • What am I affraid to do?
  • Am I doing all that I can to reach my goals?
  • Where do I want to be in 5 years time?

Even nowadays I still use the same questions and they guide me about the direction that I take in my life time by time.

Be confident and believe in yourself, life is just once and what makes this experience so special is your uniqueness. So do not disappoint yourself and keep going. Someday, somehow you will get there (where you want to be, if you do not know, reflect about that).

In other words, do not wait for motivation to come to you. It is down to you to go to the motivate yourself every single day.

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