Pressure… What to do ?

A certain time ago I have experienced a bad feeling of pressure. This was literally suffocating me but I decided to stop it in way that helped me to have the control and to master such situations.

In this modern life, it is so easy we get distracted. We wake up already thinking about our to do list, schedules and everything that always takes up our time.

One day when I was feeling overwhelmed and quite stressed, I decided to close my laptop, to take a walk around my neighbourhood and to go to the store near my house, despite it was a bit cold as it was the beginning of autumn. Fortunately, it was sunny and really stunning the rest of afternoon with an incredible sunset.

On the way back I saw kids playing soccer on the grass around the neighbourhood so I decided to stop and play with them. Then, instantly I felt connected with the feeling of gratitude and calmness. I took off my shoes and I wanted to walk on the grass and feel that energy coming from nature. My concerns and fears just vanished and I was completely enjoying that moment with the kids.

After some time, I started to reflect about my life and everything that has been consuming my time in a way that I could not even have or enjoy such special times like that moment. It was one of the rare moments I could connect myself to my childhood.

Also, how important it was to take this break because I was missing this connection of gratitude and relaxing turning problems off and focusing on my mental health.

However, when I was on the way back home, all concerns and fears came back as well and the special feeling I had just experienced with the kids had gone in seconds. Then I opened my laptop trying to produce something and at the same time I felt upset for not even starting and remembering my deadlines were coming.

So, I have stopped everything again, not for procrastinating but for thinking which solutions I could have, facing those problems of feeling empty and under pressure.  

Then I closed my eyes and I started to meditate for a while taking deep breathes.

After everything I just opened my eyes and I came back to do my work.

Finally, I got everything done and better than I could expect. So from that time I realised sometimes, we need to find our connection with ourselves, taking a pause and reflecting about how we are getting on.

Nowadays, whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I come straight away back to this feeling and my activities. Productivities are drastically, positively affected by this. So, whenever I see people in a similar situation, I try to encourage them to find themselves and to make that connection of metacognition. Stopping for a little while, taking a deep breath, reflecting about life and everything around, connecting with a positive energy and then coming back to work and produce the best that they can.

  Reflection is not only thinking about things but how you will react after thinking how you will work things out. Life demands comprehension and patience but it is absolutely worth the experience of learning and improving your knowledge of reflecting and getting know yourself.

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