If not now, when?

After years of observing people and trying to understand why some of them (I’d say the majority that I noticed), were feeling regret of their past I got the main point about what could be a factor for this feeling. Then I have written,“If not now, when?

Every day we make decisions…

Hard or easy, which career to pursue, flavour for the ice cream, next trip, what to do next week…

When we face an important choice we feel mobilized by that decision.

Thinking and scared to choose the “wrong one” and feel regret later.

But decisions are inevitable no matter how harsh might be we must take them.

And then make peace with them!

Of course, we ponder outcomes…

But a long period of indecisions make us stressed and anxious, sometimes we must make a choice simply to move forward even if we don’t feel positive if it’s the right one.

There are elements that will guide you and show if it was right or not.

But makes informal decisions even when one feels is good enough for this moment provides relive and allow us to rest.

So the next time you struggle with a decision, take deep breaths and make space, listen deeply to both of intuition! And your sense of reason trust in the best decision you can make right now!

Notice how free will feel for following your instincts.

Trust your judgment.

Then, rest and relive for simply have made that decision.

Remember even if you have made the wrong choice you gained inside that can guide you and direct you.

We can think to play possible scenarios/decisions, but when it comes we have to consult our heart and move forward, maybe we do well or bad.

Every decision brings lessons!

But indecisions drag on for years for many people that wonder have the courage to leap.

Whoever even decides can make a mistake, but if you don’t decide, you’ve already made a mistake!

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