Self confidence, is a process.

We spend a huge part of our lives, struggling with insecurity that feel in ourselves. Sometimes because of shyness, fear and imagining what people will think about us. When I started to understand more about self confidence, I created a bried ‘mental map’ about this topic, just try to see everything as a simple process.

From time to time we all struggle with confidence and many of us have thought confidence comes from external achievements.

But the truth the key of confidence lies in the ability to be gentle and friendly to ourselves.

Just imagine you have to give a big presentation at work in front of your boss and colleagues even if we have done everything to prepare, but there still a situation that tests anyone confidence and we begin worried about the worst possible outcomes and during the presentation, these anxious thoughts and nervous destabilise us.

Noticing the thoughts to self out is the first step.

Once we can notice this tendency we can shift our attention to the essence of gentleness and compassion towards ourselves with no judgment acceptance if our perform be poorly or brilliant we can meet ourselves where we are and the honour we did our best!

One more gentle to ourselves is no take things so high because we are not dependent on the validation of others.

We may never eradicate to expire in self out but remindful of awareness and attitude acceptance, gentleness our insecurity begin to soften.

The root of truth confidence grows from our ability to be an unconditional friendship with ourselves to train gentleness and to trust in natural intelligence to navigate life.

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