Disconnect to connect

A time ago I was asked why I had disappeared from social media and everything else so I told that friend something that really changed my life and I believe so many others as well…


Meditation, is something that unfortunately is underestimated, but if people understand the idea of Meditation that is about disconnecting but isn’t it the habit of disconnecting of essential things in our lives I explained that, connecting with people, connecting to our passion from work and the world around us is deeply important in our lives.

We need to connect, we have to build relationships, we need to connect to work we do in order to be impactful and we have to connect with whatever brings joy and gives us a purpose.

The problem is we are often so consumed by those things and then we lose balance and perspective, so through the practice of meditation and mindfulness we learn to disconnect in order to connect, when we lose our way is often only through disconnecting that we can come back on course.

So for instance, we can disconnect from the busyness in order to connect to our slower common pace.

We can disconnect from distractions, so we can better focus, we can disconnect from the noise in our minds, so then we can quiet the stories that we have the habit of telling ourselves that don’t serve us, we can disconnect from the stress and bad random thoughts in order to connect with our stillness and clarity.

We can disconnect from fear in order to connect with the deeper wisdom in ourselves and can better guide us in times of uncertainty.

And we can disconnect from chaos by breathing deeply in times we are overwhelmed in order to find peace.

So by all means connect to the world around you. Relishing the beauty of your surrounds

Engaging in meaningful conversations, through yourself to your work and what will bring the fulfilment but come back again and again when life becomes too busy or overwhelming

When you seek clarities and stillness of your perspectives remember to disconnect in order to connect with what matters.

One of my favourite place for meditating.

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