Problems with productivity? Never more!

I remember the date 03/03/2010 when I had my first heart attack. And when I woke up, in the bed of the hospital, I was reflecting on my dreams, my life and trying to understand why I was there, if I did not even have an addiction or chronic issues.

I was only  15 years old!

After taking over all the treatment stages and psychologically recovered I have started to dedicate my time learning how to optimize and improve my time management.

So by that, I have created a personal method which I could adapt to a new routine and productively upgrade my day and better focus on my objectives that I wanted to reach.

The result?

Yeah, it worked! And nowadays it is often I get invited by companies for talking about this topic and debates about how to improve a routine and the daily productivity.

Well, the first step is underestimated by some people, because they think they don’t have time or it’s unnecessary, but it does have a hugely positive effect when applied.

Reflect/Meditate before getting sleep.

Reflecting about your day, what worked or went wrong. What need to be fixed or what lifted you down. What made your day… Achievements…

What your body is telling you.

When you do a self-scan and let go of the things that need to go you save energy for those things which matter.

After that, the second step is to plan the next day.

Take short notes, clear and objective about what has to be done in priority order.

Avoid longs sheets of to-do lists. Allow spaces on your day for unpredictable situations, things that can disturb your day, however, in this way it will not disturb your progress or have a great day. By the way, with this space, you can also use it for doing things in advance or tasks that were supposed to be done later.

Important to remember those two first steps must be done before sleep, every single day, far from your mobile or on the silence mode, the reason is for you to get concentrated and focus on that with a time dedicated to you.

Begin the day with intention!

When the alarm clock goes off do not turn the ‘snooze’ on. Get up!

Turn on the light of your room or go to the toilet ‘splash’ water on your face and after drink some water to hydrate.

Get far the indisposition and laziness from you!

Nobody wakes up motivated every day, but when you have the intention of having an amazing day, the motivation comes after you!

Exist a right time to get up?

I would say it is not. Because this depends on your routine, however, your daily plan can be customizable but non-negotiable. You cannot and should not negotiate with your success or tasks. It will postpone and delay your results even more.

Watch out!

After all, during the morning on the next day, I still recommend keeping your phone away and if possible practice meditation, exercises and reading.

By the way, during the rest of the day will happen so many things that will take and consume your time and focus. So start the day by adding knowledge and health to you and by that start your day completing the tasks that you planned the previous day.

When finishing each task, put a mark on each of them it will help you to get a visual notion of your production and the flow of your day.


Celebrate and treat yourself after your successful day and have completed all of your tasks, educate your brain and your body to understand that they deserve a resto or whatever you decide as a treat.

You are not a robot or a machine there will be days that will be not possible to complete everything that you expect but do not get upset because of that. Just do not allow that to become a routine and consume your life.

Well, these are some of the examples that I use on my day for improving my concentration and productivity. If will work for you? Depend on you, application and adaptation with the things that make sense to you.

I hope I have helped.

Tell me what do you think about those methods? Which are the methods that you use for improving your day and make it even better?

Comment below I am interested to know.

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