How to get concentrated during the ‘Storms’?

From time to time, our concentration can unfold with welcome ease. When we arrive somewhere and close our eyes, our body feels grounded our breath peaceful, our mind clear, but much of the time, it requires effort to relax and stay present.
Sometimes our entire posture can feel like a battle against a restless body and distracted mind and his battle can be especially hard. When we carry strong emotions from our day into our meditation or even before sleep, the emotions like fear, or anger.
They can come with the force of a ‘Storm-front’ throwing us off balance and making it feel impossible to stay and rest.
So in these moments of volatile emotions, our breath, and especially the exhale, conserve as an anchor.
Just as Dolly Parton said…

“Storms make trees take deeper roots”.

So when you’re faced with a gust of emotion that threatens to sweep you away. Imagine yourself strong and rooted, like a tree in the midst of a storm.

Though the branches and leaves may thrash wildly in the wind and rain. The trunk remains steady and grounded. Its roots anchored deeply into the earth.
So whenever you need to call on the grounding quality of your exhales to find your centre, strong emotions may still be present, they may still stir up the leaves and rattle the windows. But with grounding, you can harness the strength to face the storm, and ride it out.

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