You won’t be happy in the future

If someone stops you right now and ask:

Are you happy with your life? What would you say?

Would you answer that you are working and projecting things that will make you happy in the future?

Or would you say that you are grateful and happy with everything that you are facing at the moment?

Thinking about the future

Our realities may not always be easy. There are often circumstances that lift our days down and sometimes even blur our focus.

So we may as well find as much joy as we can within it there is usually something to enjoy. If we look hard enough, we often postpone enjoying what we have right now because of the idea that enjoyment lies in the future.

The thing is, we only place our happiness in the future because that is where we believe happiness stays.

We will always be chasing happiness without ever managing to catch it.

However, I will tell you something so important…

You will not be happy in the future because happiness is right here, right in front of us and right now.

And if we continually miss it by resisting it, fighting it or reducing it to a means to an end, then we are not only disconnecting from the fullness of this moment. But ultimately, wellness, the essence of our life.

The future never actually arrives, it is always the present moment. And if we do not learn to be happy with it happiness may always feel out of reach.

There will be those who say that happiness is having what you want. But, this is not true, as it is not possible.

Because when you want it, it’s because you don’t have it yet, and when you have it, you don’t want it anymore.

So try finding appreciation for what you have and how you are but that does not mean you should stop thinking about your future it just about does not waste your precious time and happiness because those are happening now.

Walt Whitman once said:

“Happiness, not in another place, but this place, not for another hour, this hour.”

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