How to get more opportunities being an eternal apprentice? 🤨💭

You probably have heard that famous phrase by Socrates several times “I know that I know nothing”.

What particularly, in my humblest and sincere opinion is the beginning of what we understand as WISDOM!

A book

But what do you mean wisdom in not knowing???

That’s crazy, you must be thinking now…

However, I assure you perhaps this quote is one of the most knowledgeable quotes in all history.

The principle of wisdom begins by recognising that one does not know, however, the principle of foolishness is the lack of interest in wanting to understand a piece of knowledge.


Your head must have started to smoke now!


Let me tell you a story of when I was there my 14 years old, high school time, when at that time, I was studying at ETEC, a technical school with integrated high school in the area of industrial automation, which is very similar to what we know as robotics and electrical engineering, with a pinch of IT.

Well, at that time I’ve never been a friend of the exact sciences, I mean, Mathematics, Physics and the like…

And in turn, I had surreal difficulties in understanding what the teacher was trying to explain in the room.

I just kept looking at the blackboard with a “stupid” face and all the time wondering … “What am I doing here???”

Until one day, I filled myself with courage, took a deep breath and when I finished class I went to the teacher and said:

“Teacher, I don’t know and I don’t understand anything about your class! I’m very stupid and I apologise for that!”

The teacher at that same time was dumbfounded and took off his glasses turning to me and when he put his hand on my left shoulder, replied:

“You’re not stupid because you don’t know what I teach, that’s why you’re here in the classroom, to learn!”

He kept saying and these words I never forgot and I won’t ever forget:

Never say you don’t know anything! Tell yourself you’re learning! Because by saying that you don’t know, you’re sending information to your mind that you don’t even want to try to understand. In an entrepreneurial or day-to-day situation, replace the phrase ‘I DON’T KNOW’ with ‘I’M LEARNING’ and things around you will be very different!”

At that moment, I felt useless for not being able to even have an argument to describe my frustration at not being able to develop and learn what he explained.

However, that same day I felt, even more, that desire to learn at all costs what the hell of formulas were those!

And over the years, all my life, I’ve been going from time to time to situations where there’s something I literally don’t know, nor have I ever seen.

But when asked by third parties, I say what changed my life ‘I’M LEARNING’ and through this, I had opportunities for incredible experiences and even challenge myself in something new, which at the end came that feeling “Wow! How did I do that?”

One thing is a fact, after that day I realised in me how good it is to be an apprentice.

I want to live the rest of my life, being an eternal apprentice…

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