How to turn on your creative mode?

Are you a creative person?

When was the last time you have done something that you explored, even more, your creativity?

When we were children, we took any opportunity to be playful and creative, whether it was painting with watercolours, or making up a silly song.

We had no fear.

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It didn’t matter if it was good, what mattered, is that it was fun. As we age, the story changes, we go to great lengths to avoid feeling incompetent or looking foolish, as adults, if we don’t feel confident with an activity, we stopped doing it.

So we stick to what we’re good at and let the crayons and tambourine gather dust in the closet. But when we don’t prioritise creativity, we miss out on the fun play.

Enjoying creative expression reduces stress and improves our quality of life, it also helps us access subtle thoughts and emotions.

So it’s a cathartic means of self-exploration. With the teachings of mindfulness, we can forge an opening to rediscover creative play by applying the principles of non-judgement and non-attachment, we can approach a creative endeavour, not to produce a masterpiece, but rather to enjoy the process.

By calling on self-acceptance, we can quiet criticisms about our level of skill and strengthen our courage by embracing a state of curiosity, we can take to the blank canvas with a sense of wonder, for what our imagination, may bring to it as Pablo Picasso said:

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist, once he grows up”.

Be creative as you were when a child

To accept this as an invitation to reconnect with the artist within, whether through paper, dancing, digital, singing or poetry. Allow yourself to create unselfconsciously and connect once again to that joyful state that is so easily found as a child.

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