How learning languages changed their lives? 🧐🗣

Have you ever learned a different language?
Can you imagine how that changed and improved you professionally and culturally?

On this week’s episode, I interviewed three brilliant girls that are an excellent inspiration for those who want to learn a new language: The trio KSB, Katie, Shauna and Bróna.

Listen the episode by clicking here

They are friends since school and currently working in the Educational role.
Katie is currently doing her PhD in Irish and got an amazing opportunity in her career working for Michael D Higgins, the President of Ireland.

Bróna has done her Masters in Professional of Education but also had a fantastic opportunity to do her Erasmus in Paris, living there for a year where she also improved her French, however, more currently she is able to speak Irish, English, French and is learning Portuguese.

Shauna, who is also Mastered in Education, teaches in an Irish primary school and has been getting many certificates in Spanish which is her learning passion at the moment. Nevertheless, her dream is to live in Spain for at least a year to experience and immerse herself even more in the language.

During the interview we discussed the experiences, stories, insights and curiosities about themselves in learning languages.
It is important to highlight that Katie provides private classes for those who are willing to learn Irish so feel free to contact her for more details.

Learning languages not only helps our brain but our self-esteem and generates connections with different cultures so if you’ve never wondered or considered that possibility I have two recommendations:
First listen to the episode and second, after listening, start learning today.

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