Loneliness is a gift 💭🎁

One of the challenges we all face from time to time is lonely maps.

We may feel lonely when we’re not involved in a community when we miss a friend who’s moved away, when we live abroad or after a relationship has ended.

Loneliness is the desire to connect with another.

Loneliness is a gift

When we feel lonely, we’re craving a real connection like being surrounded by people, and yet still feel lonely. If our connection to them, doesn’t go beyond the superficial, but there’s another experience on the spectrum of being alone.

While loneliness feels like a negative experience aloneness, can be a positive even fulfilling experience.

Being with ourselves is a practice.

Initially, we may encounter unpleasant feelings, but being alone is something we progressively get better at. Through meditation, we build a stronger connection with ourselves, we can even think of it as that we’re befriending ourselves. So that although we’re human and will still look to others for connection, increasingly we become able to meet this need on our own.

This is the idea of aloneness.


And that’s not to say that by meditating, will never feel lonely.

Loneliness is natural to experience, and we want to accept it, but over time, for the most part, we stopped looking to others, to satisfy our need for connection. As we begin to more deeply, connect to ourselves as Ellen Burstyn said:

“What a lovely surprise to finally discover how I’m lonely being alone can be.”

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