Be careful with what you say

What do you say about others are beneficial or evil things?

What do you hear people talking about you are negative or constructive things?

I will tell you today about an event I experienced and I will never forget the lessons I learned through that moment.

When I had recently been hired in the old company I worked for, and there I was the youngest among all the members of the company, however, one of the most experienced.

Yes, it may seem confusing, but many people attribute age with experience when in fact this is not attributed to each other but to what you have as baggage during the trajectory of life.

Being the youngest, there was a situation in which one of my colleagues who was senior did not feel very comfortable there and also had, which was noticeable certain jealousy.

The truth is that time went by and he at all times sometimes tried to put me in an embarrassing or difficult situation, sometimes spoke ill of me behind my back to other colleagues.

However, what he didn’t know was that his colleagues themselves told me everything and even the managers themselves. And my behaviour in the face of all this was the same, concentration on my work and attentive to the guidelines, given that I was new to that environment and of course, being requested with everyone else.

I always tried to divert the subject when I was questioned by one of my colleagues, but until a day came when one of the managers came to me and asked me if I would like to say something about this colleague of mine.

And I simply answered:

“You’re one of my leaders in here and you know my performance and my work, I don’t think I must emphasise this. Regarding my colleague, it’s part of it, perhaps I need to engage better with him or understand what’s going on and so we can add something together for the company.

I believe he’s an excellent professional for the time he works here and I respect him for it.”

When I finished my speech, the manager simply said:

“He was fired today. But before he was fired, I asked about what he thought of the group and the company and he made negative comments about you which in my view is absolutely nothing, but now I can see the difference between your character and his. And I saw that I got it right. Not that he was fired because of you, but I was right to know that you were a good team player.”

The lesson I learned on that day is that what we say about our neighbour says more about us than about the person we are referring to.

So be careful about what you say about yourself and especially about others. Start observing what you say and see if this is fair, honest and constructive to whom you refer and also observe what you hear and who you are talking about. In fact, through this, you will be able to know the character of it.

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