How was 2021 for you?

Christmas tree and presents

From the deepest place of my heart, I hope it was a year of blessings and best wishes!

But in case that hasn’t been, yet. Yes, with a comma to emphasise that it can still be!

I would like to write my last text and reflection of the year 2021…

It was a very adverse year of what we are used to, like 2020, we still had remnants of what has been terrorising the world. The Coronavirus.

Lives, dreams and plans were interrupted. And this, in a way, has demanded a lot from us in terms of patience, resilience and self-care. It has been challenging to face all the adaptations.

It has been challenging, having to learn to communicate at a distance, it has been challenging and agonising to have to see the sad news every day about all this.

And yes, I know that these last times have been difficult for you!

Because I felt and feel the same.

But yesterday, when I returned home, I had one of the most intimate and sincere Christmas I could ever have.

Just when it was Midnight, I knelt next to my bed and thanked God for so much!

I am grateful for being alive and healthy, grateful for my family who, even so distant, are well. Yes, gratitude! That’s a word that fulfils my heart and I share it with each of you now.

And as much as things haven’t been easy, as much as it has sometimes been painful to endure all this…

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is greater than love and hope, which once the hearts of those who humbly accept receiving them are open, everything is different.

Our wishes are renewed and even those who are more pessimistic about Christmas and New Year, they don’t forget to make new plans, new goals and renew with themselves new purposes.

These dates are special because, unlike all others, this feeling of renewal and hope are remarkable and exclusive things of these dates.

Therefore, despite all the challenges, pains and battles you went through this year, I want to tell you that:


Yeah, you’ve done it!

And nothing, absolutely nothing, can take away from you that feeling of happiness and another complete cycle.

I wish you lots of light, love, health and strength!

Don’t lose hopes of being better, don’t lose hopes for a better world and don’t stop believing that tomorrow will be a new day.

Hope is what moves us, so have faith and patience with you, continue to PERSEVERE!

These are my best wishes and sincere sentiments…


Happy Christmas and happy new year


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