New year, new life?

Have you noticed how quickly and quietly we are already on the third week of the year?

So how are you getting on with your goals?

How are you getting on with yourself?

It is magical how we have this feeling of fresh new start every year and by that we reset our goals and make new plans. There is a scientific explanation developed by Psychologists which is known as ‘Fresh Start Effect’.

A man studying

The most common fresh start is 1st of January it is not a coincidence that for instance gyms and healthy app services see upwards of at least 20% in memberships at this time.

That evidence is all related to the benefits of fresh starts because it is the feeling that motivates a person to do better in achieving a goal.

However, recent research tell us that it is not always work and actually it can backfire and make us perform worse instead.

But the reason according to the study for this happens it is just because a lack of understanding how to manage your goals.

By that I will share 3 hacks that I use to keep myself on track with my goals and how I manage it.

1- Tangible goals

After have failed many times with goals that were far away from my control I understood that I had to be honest with my goals and objectives. That doesn’t mean I am not bold with my goals or I am scared to try and explore more, but in fact to understand that I have to follow a progress.

2- Impatient with actions and patient with results

Many times in life we don’t start something because we keep waiting for the perfect time. The right time to start or even get prepared.

However, to take the action is crucial for we get something even prepared as well. Because we only know and learning something experiencing that and being immersed during the process.

Understanding that the most important thing is progress and not the speed, eventually we reach the goal and in a long term the feeling of satisfaction is one of the best rewards.

3- Be mindful

Keep your list of goals compact and short. Epictetus said that: “The chief task of life is to identify and separate the matters.”

What needs your attention now?

What is under your control and what can you do for it?

Your focus and energy have to be allocated on those things what else is out of these filters can be eliminated and you can carry on.

Practice and work on your self awareness and compassion observing that you are not in a race but in a great experience which is called life.

So enjoy it as you deserve!

2022 here we go!

Happy new year

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