5 Curiosities you should have about:

Did you hear about it?

For a few weeks, we had a new trend created on Instagram that is about sharing 5 curiosities about you with your friends and followers in the stories.

The truth is that for some, this joke required a certain time of reflection on themselves since some people did not even know their own curiosities. It is always important to realise and understand how a simple game on the Internet can show us some signs to be improved in real life.

In this case, some points were evident which people should also be curious and interested in knowing or even discovering, are they:

1 Self-knowledge

Meditation. Woman meditating calm and a dog

If you have difficulty describing who you are, your curiosities, difficulties in dealing with your vulnerabilities, fears and internal conflicts. It’s time to pay attention to getting to know yourself better.

Write down and reflect on your feelings, reactions and thoughts during the day in different situations and contexts.

Socrates already said:

“Know thyself”.

2 Self-confidence

Do you trust yourself?

You know that dream, the desire of doing something different, do you believe it?

If not, why not?

Why do you think you’re incapable?

Don’t be your first barrier! Accept to start small to be big. Allow yourself to learn and be resilient during your journey, that’s what will make you learn and develop your self-confidence.

Be afraid of things as a sign of respect for difficulties, but don’t let it paralyse you.

Seneca has a reflection that is so powerful:

“We suffer more in thoughts than in reality”.

3 Your Life Mission

What did you come here to do?

Yes, on this life plan. What is your purpose? The strong question, right?

Also known as IKIGAI, which is a Japanese word that brings the idea that we all have something to fulfil here, the problem is when people are not interested in discovering it, for those who have already watched the movie Soul (which I will not give any spoilers) will understand what I mean.

Have humility and patience to investigate this in your heart, do not ignore the ‘small’ missions, because they are also responsible for maintaining a balance with you in your individual and with everything else that will depend on this ‘small’ mission coming from you.

4 About the importance of time

The importance of time in our lives. Time is money

A great fact is that because we are young, we believe that we are ‘full of time’, that we have and hold time.

But the truth is that you simply control how your time will be used, but it is impossible to make it stop or travel to the past or future.

The time you have is now. It is scarce and therefore the most precious asset we have, but from our first day of life, we have all begun to lose it. That’s when the hourglass turns!

Epictetus said that life’s most important task is to identify and separate what is important.

Therefore, you will waste less of your time on what is not relevant to your life.

5 Reflect on death

This is not an anxiety trigger, but the reflection that the Stoicism School of Philosophy teaches. The phrase “live every day of your life as if it were the last” is better when we change to “perform every action of your life as if it were the last”.

While the first sentence is an invitation to immediacy, the second is an invitation to excellence in everything that is done (these sentences are my own reflection).

Start practising self-knowledge and you can discover a great friend within you.

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