What does it mean to be important for you?

There are different ways and feelings of importance, socially, psychologically and emotionally. For some people being rich, famous or a good position in their companies means to be important.

However, there is no right or wrong.

The reflection is what is your point of view?

Being important is mostly related to how ‘necessary’ we are. How much we can add to someone or impact our social circle.

Whenever someone asks me that, I give the example of a candle.

Imagine a situation you are in the darkness with a candle, but there are many other people. Your candle, is the only one on, but due to that situation is not enough for illuminating the whole space.

However, once you share your light to the next to your side who has its candle off, now two of you are illuminating this space and can keep sharing more and more.

The interest point is, your candle will not go off because it was shared and passed to others.

And life is exactly the same!

Full video and interviews with people on the street

When we share our knowledge, experiences and stories, we do not lose them but we gain with the exchange.

Being important is being necessary and add value to others. Through that is also being open for being added as well.

Have you been sharing your light?

Have you been allowing to be lightened?

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

Mahatma Gandhi

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