Why you should visit Switzerland ?

Have you ever been in Switzerland?

Photo of Zurich, Switzerland

If not, on this article I am going to give some reasons for you consider you visit whenever is possible.

Zurich was my choice for a visit because a personal friend who lives there and also is one of the biggest city in Switzerland, with approximately 1,400,000 people it’s a mix of natural pictures and classical architecture typically European.

I had the opportunity to visit that amazing city and experience the Swiss culture for a few days.

Some great insights that I got are:

1. Switzerland is one of the most safest country in the world

2. One of the highest level of HDI in the world 0,955

3. One of the highest level of income in the world

Bonus: one of the happiest country in the globe

Well we can imagine why …

Public transports was another aspect that impressed me, clean, organised and efficient. In general, always in time so you don’t get late on stuck on the traffic.

Despite Switzerland is quite expensive, in some aspects it’s worth and understandable as for example the price for a ticket for the transports.

There are popular and ‘cheap’ supermarkets for the “smartsavers” such as Lidl, Aldi and Coop.

Full video of one day in Zurich

The mix of nationalists in Zurich is quite high and surprised me with people that I have met from remote places such as Brazil, India, Portugal, Peru, Spain, Italy etc.

So If you are looking somewhere with breathtaking views, peaceful and relaxing next holidays, you definitely should consider Switzerland as next visit.

Please note… Do not forget to see the mountains and the Lindt factory (I’m going to talk about them on the next video and article for the following week).

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