How to build professional connections as a student?

What to do after college?
How can I get my dream job?
How to stand out with my CV and in an interview?

Those questions come up to all of us at some stage when we are students.
However, there are some ways how we can build our confidence and experience for performing better and being more comfortable in the market after graduation.

Students careers fair

Last week, happened the biggest event for students in Ireland, GradIreland, with more than 100 exhibitors and thousands of students was a great opportunity for getting involved with professionals and exchanging with others participants there.

The event was running full day with clinic CV (one-to-one) and seminars about different sectors in the market. Presented by expert professionals, giving tips and hints to the graduates on how they can prepare themselves and also which opportunities are available and should be considered.

During Covid-19, video calls helped to minimise the lack of communication was not enough for minimising the lack of real connection and human contact.

Full video with interviews at GradIreland 2022

Careers fair in general is a great opportunity for building a network and getting in deep with companies which we consider to work for someday. More than that also is a great opportunity for asking questions and finding alternatives in the market that could be relevant to our career and a kick start.

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