“I carry my feelings on the tip of a pen and I keep them on the sheet of a notebook.”

Alex Marxs

Is good to be wrong!

What if tell you is good to be wrong?It can sounds controversial, right?But let’s think about the unexpected upside of being wrong. One of the universal struggles of life is our resistance to being wrong. Whether we’re pitching an idea or defending an opinion. We often feel a strong need to be right and this…

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Disconnect to connect

A time ago I was asked why I had disappeared from social media and everything else so I told that friend something that really changed my life and I believe so many others as well… Meditation. Meditation, is something that unfortunately is underestimated, but if people understand the idea of Meditation that is about disconnecting…

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If not now, when?

After years of observing people and trying to understand why some of them (I’d say the majority that I noticed), were feeling regret of their past I got the main point about what could be a factor for this feeling. Then I have written,“If not now, when?” Every day we make decisions… Hard or easy,…

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Pressure… What to do ?

A certain time ago I have experienced a bad feeling of pressure. This was literally suffocating me but I decided to stop it in way that helped me to have the control and to master such situations. In this modern life, it is so easy we get distracted. We wake up already thinking about our…

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The power source

This is my first text and topic in this blog for a special reason. I have been asked so many times where I find my motivation and what is motivation. After a while thinking about this I have written “The power source”. From a young age, I have been someone who likes asking about everything…

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