What’s the future of social media? Instagram vs TikTok

If you are interested or not in social media, you must have seen the recent discussions around Instagram and TikTok. For many years, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have dominated the social media market with billions of active users worldwide. However, during the pandemic, a new competitor came to the game and was the Chinese app... Continue Reading →

Why you should visit Switzerland ?

Have you ever been in Switzerland? If not, on this article I am going to give some reasons for you consider you visit whenever is possible. Zurich was my choice for a visit because a personal friend who lives there and also is one of the biggest city in Switzerland, with approximately 1,400,000 people it’s... Continue Reading →

Is Netflix becoming the new Blockbuster?

What is your favourite streaming service? Why? Probably Netflix is close to become the new Blockbuster and it still does not realise. Before, Netflix used to be the ‘purple cow’ and the main preference in the market however, nowadays just turned one more streaming service among many others and because of that Netflix should be... Continue Reading →

What’s the limit for your dreams?

Do you have limits for your dreams?When was the last time you challenged yourself? Each of us has different dreams for life, not only that but also approaches towards our objectives as well.Some people are more persistent, some have a low tolerance for difficulties and adversities in life and there are others who are flexible... Continue Reading →

The importance of small acts

In our culture, we are encouraged to dream big and there is no problem with this. However, the people we revere are entrepreneurs who create world-changing companies, authors who pin best sellers, activists who start movements. But if we measure our sense of accomplishment against these lofty standards, we can set ourselves up for dissatisfaction... Continue Reading →

Ano Novo, vida nova?

O tempo voa e 2022 aqui vamos nós! Você já reparou como rapidamente e silenciosamente já estamos na terceira semana do ano? Então, como você está se saindo com seus objetivos? Como está sendo tudo isso para você? É mágico como temos essa sensação de recomeço a cada ano e com isso redefinimos nossas metas... Continue Reading →

New year, new life?

Have you noticed how quickly and quietly we are already on the third week of the year? So how are you getting on with your goals? How are you getting on with yourself? It is magical how we have this feeling of fresh new start every year and by that we reset our goals and... Continue Reading →

Be careful with what you say

What do you say about others are beneficial or evil things? What do you hear people talking about you are negative or constructive things? I will tell you today about an event I experienced and I will never forget the lessons I learned through that moment. When I had recently been hired in the old... Continue Reading →

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