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What’s the future of social media? Instagram vs TikTok

If you are interested or not in social media, you must have seen the recent discussions around Instagram and TikTok. For many years, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have dominated the social media market with billions of active users worldwide. However, during the pandemic, a new competitor came to the game and was the Chinese app… Continue Reading →

How to build professional connections as a student?

What to do after college?How can I get my dream job?How to stand out with my CV and in an interview? Those questions come up to all of us at some stage when we are students.However, there are some ways how we can build our confidence and experience for performing better and being more comfortable… Continue Reading →

Why you should visit Switzerland ?

Have you ever been in Switzerland? If not, on this article I am going to give some reasons for you consider you visit whenever is possible. Zurich was my choice for a visit because a personal friend who lives there and also is one of the biggest city in Switzerland, with approximately 1,400,000 people it’s… Continue Reading →


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