Loneliness is a gift 💭🎁

One of the challenges we all face from time to time is lonely maps. We may feel lonely when we're not involved in a community when we miss a friend who's moved away, when we live abroad or after a relationship has ended. Loneliness is the desire to connect with another. When we feel lonely,... Continue Reading →

How to turn on your creative mode?

Are you a creative person? When was the last time you have done something that you explored, even more, your creativity? When we were children, we took any opportunity to be playful and creative, whether it was painting with watercolours, or making up a silly song. We had no fear. For a better immersion and... Continue Reading →

Carreira e Liderança Lean

Recentemente, como todos sabem, dei início ao meu podcast(Alex Marxs Podcast) trazendo semanalmente reflexões narradas e interpretadas dos textos postados aqui no blog, no quadro Things I’ve written for you (Coisas que escrevi para você). Todavia, também terei a honra de quinzenalmente, entrevistar convidados especiais relacionados ao mundo dos negócios, saúde mental e uma pitada... Continue Reading →

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