Who am I?

“Today’s steps will define tomorrow’s fate”.

Alex Marxs

A short introduction who I am by myself…

Well … who am I?

Believe me, in few words, it is quite impossible to describe ourselves as we wanted but I promise I will do my best here.

I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I have grown up in a poverty situation. However, I always had a dream that someday I would change my life through education … The environment in the school was where I could make my reality up and recreate everything.

So since I was small, I have been dedicating myself to studies also working hard to achieve my dreams which are to be a writer and public speaker.

You may are asking yourself… OK, but with which objective? For what?

During my life, I have faced challenges such as starvation, health issues (heart attacks and kidneys issues), discrimination and rejection but from all these situations, I have learned with meditations, reflections and books how to ignore and take them over and improve myself.

The education was the main thing in this context and made and is still making a total difference to me.

I have worked for Brazilian Navy for five years and I was the first of the rank for somehow because I swear I am not that strong or military-style as we see on TV and so on.

I had a good experience in Navy, but after a big frustration in my life, I noticed I was “wasting” my time doing something that was not what I wanted.

After a depression situation which I experienced (but not in Navy), which I got over by buying a computer, that is the same that I am using for typing this text right now, and I made a promise I would change my life again using the same methods, STUDYING and WORKING HARD.

I decided to be the PROTAGONIST OF MY LIFE.

Nowadays, I have been living in Ireland “(by accident)” but the best accident in my life ever…

 I am so grateful to be here!

Someday I will tell you why!

I got an enormous change in my life and I could improve and help my family, friends, unknowns and myself.

Basically, my objective as a writer and public speaker is inspiring people, to help as much as I can, to facilitate process, helping how to think out of the box and to see the big picture.

Helping incredible people as you to discover themselves.

I love writing about reflection, self awareness, mental health, motivational things and everything else around these topics.

However, all of them based on real life. I only write things that I know and put myself in practice for it.

No matter where you came from, what you are, what do you do or even social status, I am not a hero, saint or whatever you think… I am only a messenger.

I consider myself just a simple messenger. The message that I transmit is bigger than me and this is what matters.

I am just following my purposes for this life, not for recognition or my ego. I do not need it. But I want to share experiences and help people through that.

Only for transforming complex topics into simple words, to make more accessible, achievable the information which I suffered for so long to get and to understand.

Because of formality usually, they have and make everything so complicated.

Currently, I am a college student in Dublin, I do not have a luxurious life style I am a just simple man who loves to connect with people.


I have spoken a lot already about me in a short text, I hope you can enjoy your time on our page and discover good things, reflecting, reading, discussing with your comments…  I love hearing different opinions, different points of view and people.

It is just fantastic!

Feel free to share my content when it is relevant, I want to spread those messages everywhere in the world.

But just a simple request, reference me.

Now… Just smile! You are incredible!

Thank you very much for your time here!

It is a pleasure to meet you,

Alex Marxs.

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